Starting A Business

You may have had a moment of inspiration, have been made redundant, have a killer idea, left education or maybe you just want a complete lifestyle change – there are many reasons why starting a business may be right for you at this time.

Starting A Business On Your Own

Starting your own business can be challenging so it is important to understand what is required.  Many people have a great idea but are unsure about how to set up a business, what the different business types are, how to register a business, what the tax and national insurance responsibilities are, how to recruit employees and 101 other questions that may be swirling round your head during this exciting time of change.  There are plenty of elements to think of when you go from an idea to starting a business.  You will need to research your market, develop your product/service, possibly get funding, find suitable suppliers and set up your business (the legal structure).

Here at the Company Supermarket we understand the challenges you may face when setting up a business as we have helped thousands of individuals in the UK turn their business ideas into real companies that have lasted the test of time.  With this in mind we have written some guides which you may find useful when setting up your business.

Business Types
Find out more about the different business types and see which one works for you

Registering Your Business
Find out how to form your new business.

Company Registrations Online
Find out more about registering your new limited company online

We are one of the UK’s leading companies offering limited company set up packages which take the stress out of forming your business.  Our  basic packages starting from £10 so they are affordable for everyone.  For more information about starting a business please contact us.

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